Content Management – increase your presence in search engines

Content Management supports your web presence through improved positioning in search engines. Key content has to be created and continuously broadcast o ensure constant visibility of your products in search engines. For search engines such as Google, content is a significant elements for evaluation of user value and the importance of documents in the world wide web.

If you run an Online shop or otherwise trade products through the internet, you are dependent on good Content Management. Your products and services should be supported regularly by new and meaningful content. Such content may be placed in form or product descriptions or informative texts about the product or the company.

Continuous publishing of large amounts of new content is inevitable. Smooth Content Management requires optimal planning and organisation of publications.

Multi-step publications – Content Management

Publishing content goes through three phases in the Content Management process. In a first step, the team focuses on the product and the company. The team reviews, which content is relevant and important for traceability I search engines. They also enforce the keyword density for the Optimization, as Content must be created in accordance with SEO requirements.

Created texts are subsequently edited and corrected and, where appropriate, combined with videos, images and other formats.

Content Management – Reaching success one step at a time

REKNOVA supports you during the Content Management process through to publication of your content and beyond. As a full service agency we offer complete support, tailored to your individual requirements.


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