Display Advertising – Customer generation through banner advertising

Display Advertising Display Advertising, also known as Banner Advertising, is a central building block in an encompassing Online Marketing Strategy. Banner advertising strengthens and complements all active marketing measures. The strategically well-composed mix of all elements is the prerequisite of a successful Online Marketing Campaign.

Generate new customers through targeted Display Advertising. Speak to your target groups more efficiently and more directly. Create attention and thereby increase enquiries via search engines such as Google. With skilful Display Advertising you will not only reach customer groups directly targeted by you but also a wider audience.

Systematic Advertising strategy – Display Advertising

Online Marketing accommodates two forms of Display Advertising. The classical Banner Advertising or Google Display Ads. For classical Banner Advertising the customer pays for the number of reserved displays. Google Display Ads offers clear advantages in comparison. Only actual clicks on the advert are being charged. If 1,000 customers click on the advert, you only pay for 1,000 clicks.

Banner Advertising is distributed across the entire Google network. However, the offer of websites provided is limited. Depending on your goals, it can make sense to use additional Banner Advertising. You can, for example, publish this form of Display Advertising on platforms that are directly relevant to your product.

Display Advertising – Consulting and Controlling provided by REKNOVA

Our Team provides you with constant consulting and controlling support throughout the entire Marketing Campaign. We help you define your Display Advertising goals. We develop a successful strategy for your company. In addition we, as a Full Service Agency, will create a complete Online Marketing Concept for you.

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