Google Shopping – Information before the first click

Google Shopping is part of Google AdWords and works with the Product Listing Ads – PLA. Product Listing Ads are payable adverts, which are comparable to standard text advertisements and are listed in the Google search results. However, Google Shopping is only possible with an existing Google AdWords account and with a so-called Merchant Center.

Prospective clients can see relevant products including prices, pictures and short product information already on the Google search results page. Clients do not have to click on results to find information. Instead they can view the most important information immediately, which has a positive impact on clicks and conversion rates.

Increase your presence with Google Shopping

Did you already conduct Search Engine Optimization and have achieved adequate positioning? In combination with Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads you can significantly increase your visibility on specific search criteria. Use this form of Optimization to achieve greater presence in search engines.

Google Shopping is managed via the Google AdWords platform through linking with the Merchant Center. Sorting of Product Listing Ads is based on importance vis-à-vis search terms and offers. Google Shopping ads are placed on the right hand side next to the organic search results. In addition there is the opportunity that pictures with information are placed amongst the top three search results or in the separately established shopping area of Google.

Google Shopping – we optimize your Product Listing Ads

Apart from price per click, quality is the decisive factor. Product Listing Ads need to be populated with targeted data to ensure optimum satisfaction of search criteria. Continuous optimization and actualization of data is absolutely necessary. We offer continuous support and maintenance of your Product Listings Ads in Google Shopping.

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