Responsive Design – follow the user

Ensure that you follow the user – and not the other way round. Create your website for the various terminal units. Respond to the continuously increasing share of tablets and smartphones. Responsive Design ensures that the website operator reacts to the requirements of the various terminal devices.

Flexible website structure that provides consistent user friendliness on computers, mobiles or tablets and is facilitated with the help of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Your website user wants to view the complete content of your website, easily and quickly regardless of the terminal device. Responsive Design adjusts itself according to user requirements. This ensures the user can view the content of your internet presence in its totality.

Go with the Trend – Responsive Design

The screen resolution of computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other terminal devices varies. The display of your website is determined by the various media. Responsive Design reacts quickly and unfailingly to the prerequisites of the terminal device.

The aim of this form of Optimization is the user-friendly adaptation to all relevant devices, such as tablets and smartphones, without loss of content. A critical benchmark for the conversion of the display is the number of pixels. Additionally, Responsive Design considers entry methods such as touchscreen or mouse, as well as connectivity to the internet.

Responsive Design – Making content visible for everybody

Technology advances rapidly. New communication devices constantly enter the market. This demands that you react quickly to the increasing number your website is being displayed. Our competent team of web designers supports you in the realization of a successful Responsive Design.

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