Web Video – provide your customer with animated images

Web Videos today play an important role in Online Marketing. Websites are increasingly furnished with advertising videos and image films. And the video trend in the web has only just started where the number of films published increases daily. More and more consumers rely on animated displays of products and services.

Especially informative and also entertaining web videos enjoy great popularity and tend to be recommended. This affords great potential for Online Marketing. Customers prefer to watch a video rather than reading lengthy texts. Also, videos can appeal to consumers at an emotional level.

REKNOVA’s Creative and Professional Web Video Team

Our talented creative team includes filmmakers, writers and internet marketing experts. This team offers you direct access to the aspiring marketing tool Web Video. Our service spectrum includes all steps from initial concept through to the production of a Web Video in all digital formats and the relevant replication.

Our Web Videos include the following:

  • Image films
  • Product videos
  • Advertising videos
  • Website videos
  • Scientific documentation
  • Interactive and multimedia learning solutions

Web Video – maximum success through structured Online Marketing

Apart from the production, distribution and publication of videos are of critical importance. There are many opportunities for film distribution, in addition to the initial publication of Web Videos on leading video portals. We ensure the timely and targeted increase in outreach for your advertising films as well as for implementation of controlling and monitoring systems for success control. This allows us to produce measurable results as well as critical information about your target group, in a short period of time.

As a full service online marketing agency, we also utilize all online PR tools for the publication of your campaign. We coordinate all tools, such as Google AdWords, text advertisements and Web Videos within the framework of your Online Marketing Strategy, maximizing your success through the optimal application of your resources.

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